Ghostwriting help

Writing services on commission

We put at your disposal the linguistic, stylistic and cultural skills necessary to guarantee a professional look to your texts, through the appropriate use of the Italian language, the consideration of the objective that you want to achieve, and an impeccable style that reflects and enhances your .

In general:

Writing, rewriting, organization and correction services (writing, rewriting, editing).

In particular:

  • Description of products, companies, profiles, events and places (professional writing services, copywriting and business writing).
  • Copywriting in the promotion of products and services: claim, headline, bodycopy.
  • Drafting of commercial, scientific and institutional texts, declarations, missions, statutes, social budgets and ethical codes (with the limits set by the code of ethics that we adopt).
  • Preparation of marketing plans and project presentations (also in Power Point format).
  • Communication of socially responsible practices in CSR processes (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  • Writing of texts for corporate magazines and house organs (internal publications).
  • Writing business letters and overseeing internal communication.
  • Writing of cases and company stories (Storytelling management).

Proofreading, documents and notes.

Revision of texts (editing). The revision of the texts consists, in addition to the correction of the errors, in a real editing operation (rewriting of the text), including rationalization of the contents and “adaptation” of the syntax, in order to ensure correctness, consequentiality and style to the text .

Real-time editing and correction; two-hour front sessions to evaluate, explain and correct a text (maximum 20 folders).

Writing of generic and specialist texts (with the limitation of some particular fields).

Drafting of scientific articles in Italian and English (translation by a mother-tongue professional), with adaptation to the scientific format (case report, original research article, review article) and to the editorial rules of the magazine. The service is designed for professionals who are too busy with their daily practice to write an article following the numerous guidelines dictated by the scientific magazine, and to manage the subsequent revision phases with its editors.

Writing of formal letters (private, commercial, corporate and institutional).

Writing of informal letters (low cost service intended for informal and non-commercial content).

Writing and preparation of public speeches (speech writing and speech rehearsal), public praise (even in verse), opening speeches, company and product presentations.

Drafting of press releases.

Writing essays, manuals, novels, short stories, biographies and autobiographies on commission (ghostwriting services).

Writing personalized fairy tales.

Writing reviews, critiques, articles and editorials for books, newspapers, blogs and newsletters.

Revision of texts in English and translation from Italian to English and from Italian to Spanish. We can translate entire books from Italian to English, thanks to the help of our talented mother-tongue translator, Tracy Caputo, but we can also write books directly in English, thanks to the collaboration with one of the most talented English ghostwriters, Richard Godwin, a London writer much loved by the public and international critics.

We perform translations of complex texts such as books or scientific articles also in Spanish, performed by Jesica Cantero, Spanish mother tongue translator.

Creation and organization of commercial and institutional content for the web (web writing).

Text implementation and website indexing (SEO writing: we operate real text injections, always relevant and never intrusive, able to make your site jump forward in search engine results).

Dynamic and accessible websites (in partnership with, institutional, promotional and e-commerce websites.

“Flash” web pages, specifically aimed at promoting texts, authors, characters, events, services and products.

Web sites equipped for the promotion of books or other editorial products (see a minimum description of the service on the rates page, or contact us for detailed information).

Creation and maintenance of blogs, facebook pages, Twitter accounts; implementation of “social” tools, to create buzz (noise) and hype (expectation, attention) around a product, a character or an event.

Translation of texts from commercial websites from English, French and Spanish to Italian, and from Italian to English and French.

Adaptation of websites to the law on cookies (in compliance with the Provision of the Guarantor for Privacy in force since June 2015): analysis of cookies, creation of links and / or pop-up with the brief information, creation of the script for the block quote, drafting of the extended information.

Planning and management of micro pay per click advertising campaigns with the creation of announcements and landing pages (ie the “landing pages” on which those who click on the ad land, with the result of maximizing that click).

Crisis communication via web (crisis management).

Writing of subjects and screenplays.

Story editing of scripts.

Theater and film adaptations, from screenplays to novels and vice versa.

Writing radio spots.

Review and writing of song lyrics (in verse, with 8, 12 and 16-line stanzas).

Publishing consultancy: listening and orientation service, aimed at informing the author about the various possibilities of publication, via publisher or self publishing, and at defining a concrete strategy for selling the work.

Literary coaching: brain storming meetings between the client and two professionals of our agency.

Personal branding consulting.

Strategic-operative marketing, communication and image construction consultancy.

What we don’t do

We do not accept to work on content that promotes universally considered unethical practices or ideals (such as racism, sexism, homophobia, violence, exploitation of men and animals). We do not produce texts aimed at obtaining educational qualifications or professional qualifications. We do not work on texts and messages whose truth we have reason to doubt: we do not promote lies. If you want to learn more about the choices that drive our business, you can read the mission and the guiding principles of Ghostwriter service.