Book writing

Writing a book is a challenging and protracted task, which requires a process of concentration and reasoning before starting, and constancy to get to the end once you start writing. A professional can help you reach the goal in a calculable time, ensuring your book a professional look and impeccable style. A good form, together with a rational arrangement of contents, will make the transcription of your idea more compelling. The staff of our team can create a finished book starting from an idea of the client, collected through a series of meetings or interviews, or work on a precise track; or even follow the author, developing subject, plot and development together with him.

Writing a novel

In writing stories, we have no gender limits. We are four professionals and we move at ease in the adventure novel, in the psychological novel, in the mystery novel, in the fantasy novel and even in the love one (before we are writers we are human beings: every drama we put on is also our ).

A book is always a complex product; in writing a novel, it is good practice to start from the definition of a subject and a broad plot to follow. Good planning not only guarantees to get to the result, but also to predict the timing and the goodness first. Inspiration does not exist or, rather, it is not a casual event but an exquisitely rational process.

Together with you we will define the plot (or the plot), we will build the characters and decide how they will dialogue and what part they will have to make. After having made some strategic choices together, such as the adoption of the narrator or the external narrator, and having established a beginning with you (incipit) and an ending, we will write your novel exactly as you thought it. We take care of giving your ideas an engaging shape.

The price of writing ranges from around 7000 to 9000 euros. The exact sum depends on the complexity of the novel and the professional who writes it (our organization is perfectly horizontal and we all have different rates, as well as the legitimacy of accepting and rejecting a job).

To understand if a writer is the right person for you there is only one method: the field test. In our case, to protect the customer, we offer an immediate refund of 75% of the amount paid as a deposit, if the customer did not like what was produced in the first part of the work (and before paying another installment). Even the subsequent installments are subject to reimbursement, this time at 50% and, throughout the relationship, the client is free to withdraw from our agreement. We are very confident of ourselves, at least professionally.

The writing of the abstract *, of the synopsis and of a cover letter is always included in the price, as is our assistance to outline a sales strategy aimed at sales.

The abstract is a bit the subject of the book and needs a writing with an advertising cut. In practice, you have to convince your audience to read your book, or the publisher to invest in your novel, and you have to do it by arguing about its distinctive features, explaining why choose your book and not another. In an effective abstract, there is normally little information and a lot of “propaganda”, but no value judgment.

The synopsis is a summary whose degree of detail is arbitrary; the shorter it is the more effective it is. You must educate your interlocutor about what he will read: if it is a good story, you will not need too many words to tell it.

Writing a story

The story is basically a short novel: this is why Anglo-Saxons use the term short story. And it is for this reason that, in writing a story, we use the same precautions that we usually reserve for a novel.

The price of a story is obviously also “shorter”, and ranges from a few hundred euros, to tales of a dozen folders, up to 1500-3500 euros, for longer or more difficult stories (as for the novel, the price depends not only on the length but also on the person who will write it).

Writing an essay or a manual

It is wrong to think that the writing of a manual does not require a plot upstream, only because it cannot resemble that of a novel. Reading a manual or essay must also be compelling. Simply, in a novel that are obstacles and disbandments, in a manual they become problems and solutions. If the novel feeds on ideals, the manual thrives on ideas. Even a manual must be able to transport the reader to the next page.

The commercial writers of our team collect this result first of all through a rational arrangement of contents (to ensure clarity of exposition, the discussion of the topics must be perfectly consequential; try to place the solution before the problem, and then see if your text works same); once we get a sturdy skeleton where each element is in place, with a direct and fluent writing, we build a powerful musculature able to release the energy necessary to make the manual attractive and enthralling.

Furthermore, our writing of texts always contemplates an examination of the target profile: knowing who you write is as important as knowing what you write. It seems a paradoxical affirmation but the recipient determines the degree of knowledge of the object necessary to the author, and how much this will have to show through in the discussion (think of the difference between an academic and a popular text, like a manual in fact).

As for style, we say it more “cool”, but always in perfect Italian.

The costs that you will have to bear to have your manual written by us range from 6,000 to 7,000 euros, depending on the length, difficulty and sectoriality of the subject, the degree of clarity of the work in the mind of the author and his ability to expel it (for example, one client may already have a draft of the manual, while another may want to arrange it with us through guided interviews). Call us, or write us; explain your project and your needs and we will immediately establish a more precise figure.

Also for writing manuals, the price includes the writing of abstracts and any synopsis and cover letter (if the client chooses the path of traditional publishing and not self-publishing), plus a real strategic advice on the publication and on the sale of the book.

Unlike other editorial products, to write your manual, we could also ask you for a symbolic percentage on sales (less than 2%), to be paid if the manual exceeds a significant circulation; this percentage motivates the writer to obtain a result capable of providing him with further economic gratification.

To guarantee a transparent relationship, from the beginning to the end, all the phases of the collaboration are formalized in a contract that provides for the right of withdrawal and the possibility of repayment, and which indicates the customer as the sole author of the work produced (see which way we arm the contracts).

Technical and scientific books on commission

Our professional writing agency also offers an editorial service for scientific, technical, legal, historical and political texts.

We translate the most specific topics into a writing accessible to the public, preserving the sobriety and the rigor of exposition that suit a scientific text (we use a denotative and never “familiar” style, for example resisting the temptation to use metaphors and comparisons).

We also write books of an informative, informative, expository, educational and didactic nature, producing texts that are always oriented towards the reader and his or her experience of use. With us you will be sure of getting the maximum result from your book on the audience you want to hit.

The price of the service varies from text to text, depending on its complexity and its size. Indicatively, the writing of a specialized book has a cost ranging from 5000 to 7000 euros.

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