Mission, vision and guiding principles


Our challenge is to be able to give good form to any content and make communication effective; through effective communication we shorten the distance between our client and his public. The game consists in uttering the maximum degree of empathy towards the client and communicating as if he were the client, favoring it with our specific abilities.

We would like to conquer and maintain the benevolence of our customers following a “Total Quality” philosophy. The commitment will be pursued concretely guaranteeing the basic qualities of the service offered (quality and effectiveness of the text produced and its correspondence to the customer’s expectations) and the human qualities necessary to establish a satisfactory interaction relationship (empathy, patience, good humor). Always in order to obtain a fully satisfactory relationship, we have set up flexible payment methods for our services that include installments, trial periods, repayment opportunities and discounts for startups, together with armored contracts that fully and transparently protect both parties, and to a code of ethics in respect of which our external collaborators are also required.


We don’t know what we’ll be in a few years; reality is too complex to draw a precise scenario. What binds us to this activity is the passion for the Italian language, together with a good ability to decline it in written and oral form, and to a good experience in the field of communication. Our vision is therefore a very simple thing: we will continue to work in the future with what we like, we will improve and grow. We will pursue a good economic result always operating rationally and ethically. In what we do, we aspire to be the best, but without ever convincing ourselves that we have become one.

Guiding principles

As ghostwriters, copywriters, or “commercial writers”, we aim to use correctly and always share our know-how. All the staff is committed to respect the fundamental ethical principles, to the transparent provision of the expected service and to the attention towards the needs of all the “stakeholders” of reference (ie those who influence the destiny of our organization: from collaborators to customers, both acquired and potential, up to the recipients of the texts we produce). We want to contribute to the success of an economic actor, to reach with satisfaction the achievement of the set objective, and not to suck money to a disastrous company, helping to sink it.

The staff of Ghostwriters takes very clear positions towards the surrounding reality. Here we are always opposed to war, to the death penalty, to any form of discrimination, to censorship, to the indifferent and irresponsible economy (practiced as a mere generation of profits, regardless of world poverty, the environment, the exploitation of men and animals ). For this reason we make very strong choices in the input. For example, we will never work on a text for a cosmetic tested on animals, or on the advertising of a salami.

Mission, vision and guiding principles have been published so that anyone has the opportunity to verify if the resolutions formulated here are then effectively reflected in the management reality of our activity.

Social citizenship

In our human limits, we always try to favor the environment that hosts us and that allows us to prosper, returning it with a part of our time.

In 2013 we had the opportunity to support Socialitas, a very active assistance organization in the capital.

We have translated the services of Socialitas into texts and then, together with the web agency InternoUno, we have conceived and created for free the institutional website, which we will continue to manage in the future, always at zero cost.

At the moment we are supporting a group of young political refugees from Kurdistan, helping them to design and communicate a handyman business . The boys offer gardening services, porterage, maintenance, cleaning, disposal of bulky waste, accompanying, security, seven days a week and dealing with emergencies; their mission is to create an ever-active network of handymen. Their dream is to found a multiservice cooperative by 2020, also employing Italian labor seeking relocation and we will work to make this dream come true.

Privacy policy

All the staff of Ghostwriters undertakes to operate in a framework of legality (deeming it a good basis for peaceful coexistence) and willingly adheres to the current regulations regarding the protection of privacy, with the commitment to keep up to date and quickly adapt to future ones .

Data processing

As a general principle, in its normal online activity, our ghostwriting agency does not collect, store, process or transfer data suitable for the unique identification or retrieval of an individual. The e-mail address could be the only sensitive data that is kept by a staff member on the occasion of a request for information by a visitor, but only for the duration of its usefulness (the only e-mails we send to our contacts are those aimed at the consensually developed professional relationship, never to convey advertising messages of any nature, including self-promotional ones).

Our company does not share its customer database with third parties, ever. We use the utmost confidentiality in processing and storing our clients’ data and observe strict confidentiality before, during and after the professional relationship.

Over time, we have received a rather substantial amount of candidature messages, such as to require the establishment of a specific procedure to manage the process. Our policy regarding the processing of this type of data is to label all the emails containing collaboration proposals as “curricula”, and access them only with the purposes envisaged by the sender (ie to search for a collaborator). When we read a message, if we think that the skills of the person who wrote it can be precious to us, we change the label, moving it between the “interesting curricula”, those that we would then examine if we needed a hand “from outside”, otherwise we leave the mail where is situated.

We also jealously guard this data, which we will not cede to others except by explicit request of the judicial authority (if you are a privacy freak, consider this event).